Dear Pet Parent,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you deserve to know how much I love you – and here are 14 reasons why!

  1. You smell so oh-so-good.

Source: @shae_thedachshund

I love you and just the very scent of you makes me happy! The way I show my affection is through sniffing you and your things; and that’s why sometimes, I run off with your clothes. Tip: If you need to leave me for a long time, don’t forget to leave something with your scent on it. It definitely keeps me calm, knowing you’ll be back for me soon.

Oh, by the way, this is scientifically proven. Did you know that a 2015 study published in the journal Behavioural Processes found that dogs connect their owner’s unique smell to pleasure? Researchers found that whenever we smell our owners, it activates a reward center in our brain called the caudate nucleus, making us super happy.


  1. You care for me like no one has ever before.

Source: @arieldeleon

Remember all those times I sat and just stared adoringly at you? Well, I only do that because I admire and respect you so much. I can’t believe I found a hooman who is as great as you!

Just like with you humans, the hormone oxytocin is released when us pets interact or have contact with someone they like. This ‘love hormone’ helps cement and increase the bond we share.


  1. You let me share your bed.

Source: @sayawdaniel

Even if I have my own bed, I sometimes like to cuddle with you on your bed, taking up most of the bed space when I do. But you rarely make me move and you never get angry at me. Thank you for always letting me rest and cuddle with you after I’ve had a long, busy day being your loyal furry companion!

  1. You take me out on dates (and playdates!).



Source: @judgejudylim

Going out on dates with you is simply the best! When we walk into a park or anywhere for that matter, I can tell you’re proud to be my furparent because you always talk about me and gush endlessly about how cute I am. I hope you can tell I’m proud to be your furbaby, too.

I’m so glad you know that it’s important to socialize me with other humans and other pets. Socializing is a lot more fun knowing I am brought around by such a wonderful and caring furparent like you. Not all furbabies are as lucky as me!


  1. You are patient with me.

Remember the times when I accidentally destroyed things that were important to you, like your favorite shoe? I saw how disappointed and a little angry you were at the moment, but you let it go and bought me proper chew treats instead! Thank you so much for teaching me that it’s okay to make mistakes, just as long as I learn from them.

Tip: You can leave me with a lot of toys next time. I just get carried away when I get bored or restless.


  1. You feed me only the best food.

Source: @porscheandthegang

Mealtimes are my favorite time of the day. I always look forward to the food you feed me because I know you’re feeding me nothing but the best! Thank you for always reading labels and choosing all those furrlicious all-natural canned food and kibble. My favorites are the ones that are the real deal – salmon, turkey and chicken – with zero additives or fillers! I can tell that it’s quality food because I look and feel great inside and out.


  1. You always treat me.

Source: @baileymcdog

Believe it or not, I always try to be good, regardless if I know I’m getting a treat or not. When you give me some of those all-natural treats, boy do you make my day! Treats are absolutely amazing, and I consider it as one of the greatest hooman inventions ever. I even dream of them sometimes!


  1. You buy me things I need and want.

Source: @house.of.momochan

Since the day you brought me home, I have everything I could ever ask for – a comfy bed, my food and water bowls, treats, collar, leash, clothes, toys, and more.

Whenever we go out, I feel like I have the best stuff. I got my cool collar on, a sturdy leash and sometimes, cool clothes. Furbabies and furparents definitely turn their heads when we’re out there, like we’re on the runway or something!


  1. You let me lick you.


Source: trufflesthebeagledog

Since I can’t really hug or kiss you, the best way I can show you my affection is with sloppy licks or wet-nosed kisses. And you don’t mind it even if I slobber all over your face or hands. I have the unique ability to pick up on when you’re feeling down or having a rough day, so whenever you feel that gentle nudge of a wet nose or lick on the hand, you know it’s my way of saying that I’m here for you, too.


  1. You stroke me in more ways than one.

Source: @_lovingluna

I won’t ever get tired of the tummy rubs, pats on my head, or scratches behind my ears. Stroking me gives me an absolute feeling of contentment, especially because I know this can help lower your blood pressure and combat your stress, too. And sometimes, you even give me a massage! Your touch can have therapeutic effects on me, particularly if I’m feeling a bit out of sorts.


  1. You teach and train me.


Source: @shio.theshiba

When I was still a baby, I couldn’t figure out where or how to do my business. I appreciate that you took the time to potty-train me and buy all my potty equipment, so I won’t make a mess all over the house. Aside from toilet-training, you also train me to be on my best behavior always. Whenever I misbehave, you are always there to teach me and guide me.


  1. You call me silly nicknames.

Source: @bigandbaby1

I love hearing the sound of your voice, especially when you make up names and look at me like you just want to squish and cuddle with me all day. This shows how playful and sweet you are with me. I can’t really speak like you do, but whenever you hear me bark or purr, know that I’m secretly calling your nickname, too!


  1. You play with me.


Source: @ maventhewolfsablepom

I have a lot of energy for playtime and require daily exercise, but even when you come home after a a long day, you still manage to find the time to play with and take me out for a walk. I know you do this because you always want what’s best for me. This is why I don’t mind waiting all day just for you to come home. Bonding moments with you are the ones I live for!


  1. You look after my health.

I’ve never missed a single vet visit, thanks to you. I admit that I still get scared and stressed each time we go to the Vet’s office, but I feel so much better with you holding and comforting me whenever I have to get vaccinated or when someone pokes around my body. I know that my health is your top priority, and I will always be grateful for it.


  1. You love me unconditionally.

Source: @dannabelle

The best thing in this world is your unconditional love. No matter what, you always have my back, and I will always have yours. Thank you for all the things you continuously do for me.


To more unforgettable moments with you, my Pet Parent. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Your Furbaby