For all the unconditional love and attention that our pets give us, it’s only right that we feed them healthy to nourish their bodies and to give them a longer, richer, and happier life they deserve.

It’s about time that we listen to what our pets have to say about what real, healthy, and wholesome nutrition means.

Not all pet food are created equal. Do you know exactly what you have been putting in your pet’s food bowl?
Just like human food, there’s good pet food and there’s junk pet food.
Here are 5 benefits to feeding your pets an all-natural diet:
Read Labels Have you checked the ingredient list on your pet's food lately? If it's something you don't understand or can't pronounce, why feed it to your furbaby?
Choose The Best Protein Sources The first ingredients listed should be a form of high-quality protein such as chicken, lamb or venison.
To help you start off, view our pet food fact sheet
Bypass the By-Products By-products are parts other than meat derived from slaughtered animals. These can include blood, hooves, bones, beaks, feathers, hair, fatty tissues, manure, and even floor sweepings.
Stay Away from Bulk Fillers Many pet food companies use corn, wheat, and rice as main ingredients because they are a cheap way to fill up a bag. Stay away from these fillers with zero nutritional value.
Say NO to Junk Food The shocking truth is that most commercial pet food brands contain ingredients that are unfit for humans but legal for pet food. These may include toxic waste, spoiled food, restaurant grease, euthanized pets, and dying or diseased animals. Some human food may also be toxic to pets.
Click here to see the list of pet poisons
Know Your Preservatives Avoid pet food that uses chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin. Natural preservatives such as Vitamin C or E are better and healthier alternatives.
Avoid Anything Artificial Artificial colors like FD&C, RED#40, RED#3, YELLOW#5, YELLOW#6, BLUE#1, and BLUE#2 or artificial sweeteners like beet pulp sugar, sucrose, and corn syrup are used to make the food look and taste good, even when it really isn't.
Go Organic Organic means no conventional pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics, and synthetic fertilizers. It is also processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.
Know Your Source All-natural pet food brands made in the USA guarantee the best quality, safety, and nutrition standards.
Store It Properly Once you've chosen the best food for your pet, make sure it stays fresh and wholesome for as long as possible!
Click here for tips on how to store your pet's food.
Pet Poison To Avoid
Pet Food Fact Sheet