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bow & wow Club Membership Terms & Conditions
  1. Qualification
    1. Pet parents qualify for a bow & wow club membership with a minimum one-time purchase of P2,500 in any Bow & Wow store.
  2. Validity & Renewal
    1. The bow & wow club membership is valid for one year. Members with active purchases within the membership year would be automatically renewed.
    2. Membership will be cancelled for those that don’t have any purchases from bow & wow within one year. To renew membership, members must make a qualifying purchase at any bow & wow store.
  3. Conditions of Use
    1. Members must present their membership card during purchase to earn points and enjoy member benefits.
    2. Members can enjoy membership benefits and rewards by presenting either of the following:
      • Digital membership card that may be accessed through the bow & wow mobile app. Members must download the mobile app and register their account details in order to gain access to the digital card.
      • Membership Number with valid government issued ID.
    3. bow & wow strictly observes the NO CARD, NO POINTS policy.
    4. bow & wow Points cannot be earned retroactively.
    5. Member's personal information must be completely and accurately provided to enjoy member benefits. Members can update their personal information at any bow & wow store or through the bow & wow website or mobile app.
    6. Membership is non-transferable. Family members can enjoy the shopping benefits of a member only if accompanied by the cardholder.
    7. Membership is valid at any bow & wow store.
  4. Point System
    1. Members will be rewarded with one (1) bow & wow Point for every P20.00 spent at any bow & wow store.
      1. There is a minimum purchase of P500.00 total amount to earn points.
    2. Points are earned on items purchased with cash, credit/debit card and gift card redemptions only.
    3. Purchases of gift cards are not entitled to earn points or to avail of any membership benefits.
    4. Purchases paid using bow & wow Points, rebate vouchers, PR certificates, or other promotional vouchers are not eligible to earn points.
    5. bow & wow points earned will be credited to member’s account within 48 hours.
  5. Pay with Points
    1. Members can pay with bow & wow Points for any purchase. One (1) bow & wow Point is equivalent to P1.00.
    2. bow & wow points are only valid for three (3) months from date of issuance. The validity date will be indicated on the member’s points summary in the mobile app or in-store kiosk. Members may also inquire this information from our Pet Care Advisors.
    3. To pay with points, member must present their Digital Membership Card or Membership Number with valid government issued ID for verification
    4. bow & wow Points are not transferable to any other person or entity.
    5. For the redemption of bow & wow Points, those points reflected in bow & wow records shall be deemed correct and bow & wow has the exclusive right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or redeemed by the Member.
    6. For refunds of items paid with loyalty points, whether partial or full, customer will be issued a store credit note for the equivalent amount.
    7. bow & wow reserves the right to amend the points earning rate and restrict or limit the number of points earned on each transaction in connection with special programs, facilities and promotional activities without need of prior notice.
  6. Right to Cancel Membership
    1. Members reserve the right to cancel their bow & wow membership at any given time upon written or e-mail notification.
    2. bow & wow reserves the right to cancel the membership should there be a breach of any of the terms and conditions.
  7. Privacy
    1. Member information will not be sold nor rented to any third-party organization. Names and mailing addresses may, however, be made accessible to partner organizations of bow & wow.
    2. In order to inform our members of their membership status, privileges, upcoming bow & wow events, promotions, special offers, exclusive deals and content, etc., bow & wow shall periodically send information in the form of print, e-mail, or mobile marketing communication materials. By participating in the bow & wow Club Membership Program, members deem to have consented to receive the information described above.
  8. General
    1. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for joining the bow & wow club membership program or amending bow & wow Points under the program will be decided by bow & wow at its sole discretion.
    2. Fraud and abuse relating to the earning of bow & wow Points in the program may result in the forfeiture of accumulated bow & wow Points as well as the immediate cancellation of membership.
    3. bow & wow reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the membership program at any time and without prior notice.
    4. bow & wow reserves the right at all times, without notice and its sole discretion to terminate or materially alter the bow & wow club membership program and/or revoke the membership of any Member and/or the right of any Member to use the Membership Card or to utilize any rewards or privileges.