Are you having difficulty finding the best cat or dog food for your furbabies? Are you in search of the best nutritional meals a pet parent could possible provide? As pet parents, we only want the best of the best for our furbabies, and this means buying the best pet food and seeking the best pet parenting tips and tricks. There are so many options in the market these days, making it increasingly difficult for us to choose and trust the right brand.

Feeding our furbabies is one of the most vital and yet, one of the most difficult tasks in our goal of raising the perfect pet. In our search, we tend to doubt if what we are looking at really has good pet health benefits and if the pet food we are looking at is age-appropriate food for our pets. What better way to learn how to take care of our furbabies better than to hear from fellow pet parents and sharing our own pet parenting tips and tricks too, whether you are a new or longtime pet owner! Here are some feeding tips we got from pet parents in the Instagram community:

10 Feeding Tips from Pet Parents

1. Not all pet food is created equal

“My second bag of #Merrick grain-free dog food. Since #mybabykulet eats whatever I give him, I make sure that I fill his bowl with kibbles that are high quality, all natural, and grain-free. I learned that most commercial dog foods contain “fillers” that have no nutritional value. Now, I make sure to read and check the label before buying anything. Plus, I read loads of articles on dog food and treats. Now, I am a suki of @bowandwow Shang. I am assured that I get high quality, human grade food and treats. Because I love him like a baby, I want to keep him healthy. “ By @malennicasio

2. Watch out for bulk fillers

“Just recently, I changed my dog food to Taste of the Wild Puppy Formula since I discovered how unhealthy some commercial dog food are. Most of the brands are made with meat meal and bulk fillers which gives no nutritional benefits to your pet. With TOTW, I know Peanut is getting a good daily amount of protein with just the right amount of fats and carbohydrates. Treats must only consist of 10% of their diet and no junk too! Make your own treat that suits your pet’s preferences or buy them from @bowandwow where you know your pet is getting human-grade treats. Our pet’s diet is just as important as ours.” By @samanthagyu

3. It’s best to go for all-natural

“#Merrick was recommended to me by a friend about two years ago. He said that is significantly helped in reducing the odor of his dog, and it prolonged the dog’s life as well. Without any hesitation, and after researching on how unhealthy commercial dog food has become nowadays, I had all of my dogs switch to this incredible organic diet and I did notice some great changes. This is #Bambi, she’s turning 14 in a couple of days and she’s still very strong and energetic! After switching to this healthier diet, her fur has gotten so much thicker and smoother because she now sheds A LOT less than she did before. Her breath used to smell a bit funky, but that’s completely gone now. To all my fellow fur mommies and daddies, I strongly recommend that you switch to all-natural pet food. Your pet’s health is definitely worth it! Check out the @bowandwow stores here in the Philippines. They have a wide variety of products that are completely safe and healthy for your fur babies, no matter how young or old they may be! Go for ALL NATURAL!” By @coleengarcia

4. Less food, more nutrition

Pablo is a healthy and happy furbaby! He’s really part of the family, and that means as a pet parent, I’m more than ready to make a long term commitment to his health. Buying nutrient-dense and quality food means feeding them more, for less. This investment saves me future worries of poor health like malnutrition, allergies, and digestive problems, and my furbaby remains happy and healthy!” By @cole_hernandez

5. The first few ingredients say a lot about quality

“TIP: The first five to seven listed ingredients tell a lot about the quality of the dog food. Ideally, first three should be a named protein source (“lamb meal” is better than “animal meal”). Get the best quality dog food you can afford. I also give my 27kg golden retriever one to two tablespoons of ground flaxseed every day for omega 3 and good fiber. Once a week, I replace one meal with home cooked fresh food like ground chicken, malunggay, sweet potatoes, and a bit of liver.” By @tony_and_alessa


6. Consider your pet’s age

“Cats and kittens require different nutritional needs, so providing a proper diet of natural and high quality protein food is a MUST when feeding your furbabies. This is how we keep our babies, Maru and Lily (both puspins) healthy with their shiny, soft coats, and beautiful bodies.” By @igiboo


7. Wet food is good for cats

“Cats aren’t the biggest water drinkers. So, it’s good to feed them at least, if not predominantly, wet food to give them the necessary hydration. Contrary to popular belief, wet food doesn’t make cats fat. In fact, quite the opposite, as wet food generally has fewer carbohydrates than dry. Since cats are obligate carnivores – it’s a win win!” By @_aggieboo


8. Try mixing wet food with dry food

“Our tiny gobbler! We mostly feed @truffleslove kibbles from @bowandwow, but boy, when wet food is mixed in she goes W-I-L-D. She doesn’t even come up for air! I know that the pet food they carry is all-natural, but I didn’t realize that the preservatives are all-natural, too! I was curious on how that could be and was directed to Read on and get further educated about what goes inside your pets’ bodies.” By @pattigrand


9. Pets, like humans, have different preferences

“Did you know that not all cats eat fish? Just like us humans, we have our own preferences on the food we eat. Be a responsible pet parent and take note of the cues. Know their likes and dislikes, give them the best to show our fur babies how much we love them. Baby #lilliethekitty does not eat seafood. Her top 3 favorites are Merrick’s Turducken, Thanksgiving Dinner & Before Grain’s 96% Chicken.” By @lilliethekitty

10. Eating slower is healthier

“Aside from giving me premium-quality dog food that consists of meat proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, and essential oils, mom also lets me use slo-bowl. She says eating slower is healthier, and the slow feed bowl will help me become more intelligent.” By @mightythegoldenretriever

Like us, many pet parents also struggle to become the best pet parents, especially in the feeding area. Now, it seems that many pet parents share the same sentiments; from the challenge of finding the right pet food that will yield to a better appetite and pet health benefits, and overcoming the difficulties of feeding their pets. They’ve found the answer – all natural pet food!

As pet parents, we must always remember that our pets are not too different from us humans. Our furbabies also have their own varying needs and preferences. When we provide such, we are always one step close in raising the perfect pet – one that will live a longer, happier and healthier life.