A sudden thunderstorm can be terrifying for any pet, and cats and dogs can become very stressed during storms. There are easy ways to help your pet feel more comfortable, however, and keep them from getting too excited or anxious when storms pass by.

1. Supplement their Calmness

A rewarding way to treat your pet while promoting calm behavior is to give them natural calming treats.


2. Provide a Safe Place

A small, interior room without windows works best, such as a laundry room, walk-in closet, pantry or bathroom. Make sure there is a comfortable, familiar blanket, some water and other comforting objects in the room, but avoid crating your pet or restricting their movements, which would make them more anxious or destructive.


3. Offer Distractions
Keep your pet occupied during the storm to keep their mind off the upsetting conditions. This can be a good time for a game, playing with a favorite toy, grooming or refreshing familiar training exercises. Creating a fun bonding time during the storm will also help your pet associate stormy conditions with pleasant activities and positive reinforcement rather than with anxiety, stress and fear.

It is perfectly natural for a pet to be afraid of severe storms, but there are ways that pet owners can help their dogs and cats adjust to anxious conditions and weather storms without fear.

Source: thepetset.com