When natural disaster strikes, things can get pretty chaotic. You never want to be caught unprepared, especially if you have a pet to take care of. Plenty of our furbabies get spooked by loud noises, and all the commotion can leave them feeling anxious. The last thing you want is for your pet to panic and bolt out the door in the middle of a typhoon or an earthquake. So it’s important that you keep your pet calm. Here are a few tips that can help calm an anxious pet when there’s a natural disaster.


Tip 1: Keep calm.

Science has finally proven what we’ve known all along: Our furbabies are deeply attuned to our moods and emotions. A recent  study reveals that dogs are able to recognize human emotions using visual and auditory cues. Meanwhile, the University of Milan in Italy proves in aresearch that cats pick up on their owners’ moods to determine how to behave in certain situations. TL;DR: Your calm and reassuring presence goes a long way in calming your petduring a high-stress situation. 

How to Keep Your Pet Calm During a Natural DisasterSource: @lennytopknots


Tip 2: Use a crate.

Hopefully, you’ve crate trained your pet properly. If you have, they should view the crate as a place of comfort and safety. The Humane Society of the United States says most pets feel right at home in a crate. It’s where they feel safe and secure. You can even cover the crate with a blanket to make it feel more like a den. If your pet is not crate trained, prepare a room that’s easy to secure, like your bathroom.


Tip 3: Give them something familiar to cuddle with.

Give your dog or kitty something familiar that will help ease your furbaby’s anxiety, like his favorite cuddle toy, blankie, or a piece of clothing with your scent on it. Not only can your dog tell your scent from other scents, it makes him feel happy and calm. BBC Earth points that kitty is more attuned to your emotions that he might let on!  


Tip 4: Play some classical music.

The Clinical Sciences for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University have confirmed that music soothes nervous dogs. So if your dog is showing signs of anxiety, you could rock some Bach on your Spotify. A group of researchers from the University of Lisbon in Portugal showed that classical music has a calming effect on our feline friends. Even your nervous kitty responds to classical music!


Tip 5: Have some calming treats on hand.

If you have an anxious pet, another thing you can try is giving him treats that are specifically made to help pets with anxiety. Herbal ingredients like chamomile and valerian are quite helpful in treating anxiety in pets.


Bow & Wow, the all-natural pet store in the Philippines, offers a lot of products that could help relieve your pet’s anxiety during a natural disaster. Here are a few you might want to check out.


Midwest Homes for Pets Crate

A crate helps your pet feel safe and secure. It also prevents him from bolting out the door in case he gets spooked.

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Pet Stages Cuddle Pal

Pet Stages Cuddle Pal is filled with buckwheat and can be microwaved to warm it up. It’s perfect for snuggling, and brings comfort and warmth when your furbaby needs it most. 

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Zuke's Calming Treats

Made with passion flower, L-Theanine, chamomile, hawthorne berry, and valerian—herbal and botanical ingredients that promote calmness and relieves anxiety.

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Petsafe Harness

Keep your harness and leash on hand during a natural disaster to minimize the chances of your furbaby running off and getting lost.

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