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6 Hot Summer Pawtection and Safety Tips

The heat is on and summer fun is still on the rise. For us pet parents, our idea of fun involves our furry family members. Enjoying clear skies, sunny days, and the summer breeze is best enjoyed with our best friend next to us. Whether you have a beach trip planned, summer barbeque, or pool party, here are some pawtection tips for a fun and safe summer. 

Always attach your contact details to their collar


You never know when you furbaby may run off. Summer time usually is a more social time, and if you bring your pet out for walks or pet gatherings, make sure your name and contact details are on their collar in case they go missing.


Guard them from bugs


Spending more time outdoors exposes our furbabies to grass where fleas and ticks are waiting to latch on. Spray them with flea and tick spray or dust them with flea and tick powder to prevent unwanted guests. 

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Provide extra hydration

Dogs and cats instinctively hide their weakness, so it’s difficult to tell if they’re dehydrated. The best way to prevent dehydration altogether is to be proactive and make sure they have multiple clean water sources that they can easily access. Remember, thirst is one of the last signs of dehydration so be mindful of their water intake.


Make sure they have free access to shade



Be sure that your furbaby can freely leave areas with direct sun. Come summer time, take a look around your home and their usual stomping grounds. Is there visible easy access to shade should they need it? There should be. Be mindful of where you leash them as well during out of town trips. An area that’s initially shaded may not be throughout the day. 

If your furbaby does get heat fatigue, (signs include dry red gums, leg wobbling, and thick drool) bring them to a cooler area immediately, drape them in a wet towel, and call your vet. 


Practice water safety


Dogs in particular are ones to watch out for with water safety whether in a swimming pool or out in the ocean. Even if they are strong swimmers consider strapping on a doggie life vest and always keep an eye on them in the water, ready to play pet parent lifeguard to them.


Never leave pets alone in the car



Pets sweat through their paws and the surface area of those adorable pads are too small to properly regulate their temperature. Leaving them alone in cars or small enclosed spaces that they cannot freely get out of can be deadly on hot days. 


Watch out for anti-freeze



Anti-freeze is a chemical substance that tends to leak out of cars when they overheat, and this is more prevalent during summer.

Be vigilant that your furbaby does not have unsupervised access to vehicles leaking out antifreeze, which can be fatal to furbabies. Unfortunately, it has a sweet aroma that’s appetizing to unsuspecting furbabies so it’s best to keep them away. 

Do you have any more pet summer protection tips? Share them with us below for other pet parents to benefit from!





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