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7 Tips To Make You a Great Pet Parent

Good pet parenting is not as easy as it seems. Because qualities of a good pet owner are not hardwired in us, there is a need to get right resources: knowledge, guidance and a suitable budget, to support all the needs of your furbaby.

Wondering how to be a good dog or cat mom or dad to your furbaby? What makes a pet parent become a great one? Here’s your pet parent’s guide to go from good to great! 

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  1. Look for a good veterinarian

If there’s anyone you can trust with your pet, it’s your veterinarian. Being a responsible pet parent involves looking for a good veterinarian who cares about your pet just about as much as you do. He will be your most trusted advisor throughout your pet’s life, answering any queries with regards to check-ups, neutering, and other health and behavioral concerns.

A responsible pet parent doesn’t ignore medical issues. Instead of looking for answers online or conducting a self-diagnosis, seek your veterinarian’s advice for a correct diagnosis, including underlying concerns, and address all the issues.

Responsible pet parenting includes visiting the veterinarian every 6 months or annually, at the very least. Through regular visits, pet parents are sure that their pets are healthy and happy.

  1. Keep your home paw-tected

Pets are often very curious of their surroundings because of their natural survival instinct. When you see your pet jumping around, sniffing, licking, chewing or eating something, know that he’s trying to make sense of his surroundings.

Unless you watch your pet 24/7, it’s best to setup a pet-friendly home by having a container for all your pet’s things and safeguarding all your belongings. This includes covering wires, keeping the floors clear and keeping your things in unreachable areas or in cabinets.

With pets around, accidents are inevitable. In an event that your pet accidentally destroys something, have stain remover or a broom ready. 

  1. Train pets

It pays off to train your pet to act accordingly. Responsible pet parents can train their pets themselves or enroll them in training classes. Training a dog will be very different from training a cat.

Dogs usually taught by pet parents to sit or jump, and urinate and defecate in certain areas (e.g. newspaper or outside). Cats, on the other hand, don’t really do tricks but are also playful. Cats are taught by their fur parents to urinate and defecate in a litter box.

Pets adopted from animal shelters may be more difficult to train because of their past experiences, and even more difficult if he’s a troubled pet. In these cases, it is advisable to seek help from a professional pet trainer or consult with an animal behaviorist to help address your pet’s issues.

Patience is a notable quality of a good pet owner. No method is bullet proof, so expect bumps in the road. Use positive reinforcement by giving treats or showing affecting to your pet when you notice good behavior and remain consistent. Avoid yelling and never physically punish your pet for bad behavior.

  1. Feed a complete and balanced diet

Pet nutrition varies with your pet’s life stage. A puppy or a kitten will have different nutritional requirements to an adult dog or cat, Senior pets also have different needs as they become sedentary and more prone to illnesses.

What remains constant is the need to incorporate pet food without artificial ingredients in your furbaby’s complete and balanced diet. Feeding your pets the right kinds of food will ensure the longevity of your furbaby’s life and that your pet will live a healthy, happy and longer life for both of you to enjoy. 

  1. Keep exercises fun

A balanced and healthy lifestyle doesn’t only pertain to proper food nutrition; this also includes having an established regular exercise routine. You can mix and match different exercises such as walking, running, jumping, tracking and fetch to keep your pet in tip-top shape and teaching basic commands to keep your pet’s mind stimulated. Feel free to incorporate toys such as lasers to keep the experience fun and light. 

  1. Provide pet essentials

More obvious essentials include food, water, bedding, grooming supplies, toys, cages, leashes and collars. Cats have specific essentials such as scratching posts to prevent your cat from scratching furniture and a litter box to attend to his business.

Some pet parents get pet insurance (Yes, even pets have insurance!), which ensures that your pets get quality medical care and prevents you from being in a difficult financial position. But don’t forget that not all pet essentials come in material forms! You must also share your time, energy, care and love with your furbabies. There’s no better reward you could give your bet than a cuddle or quality playtime.

Pets are naturally curious and will go wherever nature lets them. The last thing you’d want is for your pet to go missing. Add an ID tag for your pet’s collar with your contact number or a microchip on your list of pet essentials, regardless if he’s only an indoor pet. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

The microchip is an invisible ID tag or a computer chip with a unique identification code, embedded into the skin of your pet. The identification code is registered in a database and will help veterinarians or animal shelters obtain your information and return your pet to you. Always remember to register your pet’s identification code and update your information regularly.

  1. Pick up after your pet

Strolling around with your pet outdoors can be fun and cute, then instantly turn upside down when you have to pick up smelly poop. It is not just the smell that lingers when you leave your pet’s poop, but the harmful organism, roundworms and other wastes too.

Plus, someone might step on it and spread it all around! Responsible pet parenting includes properly looking after your pet in your home and outdoors. Carrying a poop pick up bag has been made easy with several small products that can fit in your bag or ones that you can attach to your leash.



After reading all this, who ever said pet parents are not moms and dads? You begin this journey with your pet thinking best pet parent reviews will come easily, but it turns out, responsible pet parenting entails a lot of time, effort, love and nurturing to be able to support your pet. What truly makes you a great parent is your constant effort to provide, understand and be there for your pet. You deserve to celebrate pet parent’s day every day!






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