Pet parents all around the world probably have one wish in common – to stop pet shedding. Sadly, complete elimination just isn’t possible because shedding is part of the natural hair growth cycle, so pet parents should focus on how to control pet shedding, as well as how to minimize pet shedding. As frustrating as it is, it’s completely natural for old, damaged or broken hair to fall. The amount and frequency of pet shedding also depends on the breed of your furbaby, his health status and uncontrollable factors like the season or the weather.


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  1. Feed only good quality pet food

Cat and dog shedding products include food and treats! At some point, pet parents will need to experiment to find the best cat and dog food for shedding specific for their pets. There is no one solution to solve every problem. 


A balanced diet is key to a healthy furbaby, but this doesn’t always ensure its quality. Go for clean, all-natural food and treats that provide your furbaby with all his nutritional needs.



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  1. Cover and clean your furniture frequently

Investing in a furbaby means investing in washable slipcovers for your furniture. If you don’t want to buy, just look for a few old sheets! You can use this to cover your sofa, chairs and other valuable pieces of furniture. Wash your covers every week so your furbaby’s hair doesn’t accumulate.


  1. Give natural supplements

Pet shedding problems can also be supported by natural supplements. It’s best to speak with your veterinarian about the vitamins and minerals your furbaby needs to support his hair health.


  1. Provide a controlled and happy environment

Do cats shed more when stressed? What about dogs? Yes, both cats and dogs can feel stressed! Stress and other unwanted situations can negatively affect your furbaby, specifically pet shedding. Pets are sensitive to the needs and feelings of their pet parents, that’s why they’re good companions – they go with your flow. Try your best to provide a controlled and happy environment to make sure he’s always happy and healthy.



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 To stop pet shedding is impossible as it’s simply part of the body’s natural cycle. Use these natural pet remedies as a guide to control pet shedding and find the best way to reduce pet shedding based on the needs of your furbaby. This means knowing his breed and mastering the growth of his fur to know how you can best help him. Knowing how to control pet shedding can go a long way for your furbaby, and everyone and everything else in your home. If at any time you suspect that your furbaby’s hair growth or fall is unusual, book an appointment with your veterinarian.