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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Celebrities and Their Pets

Celebrities obsessed with their pets are all over our Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, and we can’t get enough! It’s hard not to save pictures of celebrities with their pets and even more difficult not to have pet envy. It’s wonderful to see that despite the busy and demanding schedules of celebrities, they take time to play and care for their pets, some are even spoiled celebrity pets! If they can be fabulous pet parents and turn their pets into celebrity pets, then so can you. Let’s take a look at our favorite Filipino celebrities with pets.

9 Celebrity Pets and Their Pet Parents

  1. Coleen Garcia

coleen garcia pet

Source: @coleengarcia


Coleen Garcia isn’t only a famous dog owner, but also a cat owner! With 2 cats and 3 dogs, we can probably say she’s one of the celebrities obsessed with her pets. She is the epitome of a pet parent.

To name a few of her pets: Anya (sphyx), Dimitri (sphynx), Summer (chihuahua), BuddyKeesh (chow chow) and lastly, Bambi (chihuahua). Bambi is Coleen’s 16-year old dog, who has been her companion and best friend since she was just 9-years old. What’s the secret to Bambi’s long life? Hope Coleen shares this secret with us! We’d love to have our furbabies live that long.


  1. Gerald Anderson Jr.

gerald anderson pet

Source: @geraldJRanderson09


Apart from being an actor, he plays an active role in helping develop the K-9 units in the Philippines through his foundation – Gerald Anderson Foundation Inc, a non-profit organization inspired by the 200 canine units in Japan, ready to help in times of distress and calamity.

His mission: “to save lives by improving the Dog Search and Rescue team capabilities of the Philippines and to enrich lives of veteran and persons with disabilities by providing them with a task-trained service dog that can assist them with their daily tasks”. Impressive, right?

Through donations, the help of volunteers and organized events, Gerald aims to turn more pets into superheroes and raise awareness in hopes to reach as many K-9s as Japan or even more.

K-9s aren’t only trained to help calamity stricken victims, but also as therapy dogs. When children with cancer are about to undergo surgery or chemotherapy, the dogs can help ease their worries and calm them down.


  1. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo

Source: @bernardokath


Kathryn Bernardo, an avid celebrity pet parent to Snow, a Bichon Frise (given to her by her on and off-screen partner, Daniel Padilla); Cloud, a laborador and three other toy poodles! Do you know how much Kathryn loves her dogs? She loves her dogs so much that she invited her fellow celebrity pet parents and their pets to celebrate her big day. Wouldn’t you just love to do this for your next birthday party?


  1. Bianca King

bianca king pet

Source: @bianca_king


Bianca King’s first pet was a cat when she was only 4 years old and had her first dog at 10 years old. She now has two poodles – Burger and Amelie. They’re both just as beautiful as their celebrity pet parent!

When asked when she ever cried over or got really scared about one of her pets, she said it was when she came home to see Burger whimpering in pain due to hip dysplasia. Burger’s veterinarian said that he wouldn’t be able to run normally again, but after two years, she and Burger joined a doggie race together and won first place. Bianca continues to enjoy coming home to her happy furbabies! Her secret: bathe them, feed them well and love them!


  1. KC Montero

kc montero pet

Source: @kcmontero


KC always had big dogs growing up but went on years without one of his own. It was until he decided he needed a companion and met Beans, a French Bulldog. Beans is a lot smaller than what he’s used to but he couldn’t have a big dog living with him in his condominium. But did you know that it wasn’t love at first sight with KC and Beans?

KC was choosing between 2 French Bulldogs – Beans and her sister. Beans had a mixed look, while her sister had more traditional French Bulldog features. KC was ready to leave since he couldn’t make up his mind; but as he was leaving, Beans tried to get his attention by batting her eyes and looking at him as if she was pleading for him to take her home, and so he did. Now they live happily ever after!


  1. Vanessa Matsunaga

vanessa matsunaga pet

 Source: @vanessamatsunaga


One thing is for sure when it comes to Vanessa: she sure loves dogs! To the right is a photo of adorable Alaskan huskies pulling Vanessa on a sled, fulfilling her dream adventure around Spray Lakes, Kananaskis. It seems that wherever Vanessa goes, whether she’s in Canada, Manila or wherever else, she makes it a point to be surrounded with dogs.

To the left is a photo of the Matsunaga clan posing with their adorable pets they treat as part of their lovely family. Vanessa is a pet parent to 9 dogs, 7 of which are Alaskan malamutes, 1 caucasian shepherd and 1 shihtzu mix. She shares her passion of dogs with her husband Jun, who is one of the ambassadors or Alaskan malamutes in the world. The dogs they share are loved, nurtured, pampered and well-travelled.


  1. Patrick Sugui

patrick sugui pet

Source: @patsugui


Patrick, a celebrity dog lover, has always been around dogs for as long as he can remember. Now, he has two adorable Alaskan Malamutes – Henri and Alfred. Patrick says his pet Henri is unique because he doesn’t like the smell of his pee or poo.

Henri folds his pee pad after peeing and pooping because he doesn’t like the smell. Sometimes, Henri would even bark to let his pet parents know when he’s done so they can clean it up. What a smart pup!


  1. Tim Yap

tim yap pet

Source: @officialtimyap


Tim is a TV host and columnist, as well as an animal advocate. He is a pet parent to 1 cute cat: Pringles, the moustached cat; and 2 dogs: Gigi La Chienne and Panda, the panda pom express; who are all in this cute and festive photo from Christmas.

These spoiled celebrity pets are given the cutest nick names, the best nutrition and care, by Tim, himself. He says that living with pets has helped him appreciate his own life and realize so much more about himself. He truly is one of the best pet parents! His message to everyone: Spread love for animals!


  1. Patti Grandidge and Jon Herrera

patti grandidge and jon herrera pet

Source: @pattigrand


Patti and Jon are celebrity dog owners. They’ve been pet parents to their delightful dog, Truffles, a mahogany shitzu, for almost 4 years now. After they got married, they were ready to find their first baby. They fell in love with Truffles’ personality, and since they adopted her, they’ve taught her many tricks like shake, twirl, roll over and go down.

Truffles receives optimal nutrition because Patti and John wouldn’t want anything less. They said that having truffles that really taught them a lot about themselves. It’s heartwarming to see a couple like them who work together to provide only the best of the best.



Our furbabies give us unconditional love like no other. These Filipino celebrities with their pets make adorable, yet inspiring stories that make pet parenting worthwhile. They manage to take time off their busy schedules to spend time with their pets.

Like our celebrity friends, we need to learn how to care for our pets emotionally and physically, provide proper nutrition and share the passion of being a pet parent to world. Its people like them, along with other pet parents, that we see how important it is to treat our pets like our family too.

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