Brushing your dog’s teeth can be a horrid experience – you hold his mouth still, try to brush a few teeth… and most of the time, you get nowhere! Your furbaby just pulls away, but you continue trying until you get one successful attempt at brushing his teeth. It’s a real struggle! So, how do you go about cleaning puppy teeth? Is brushing enough?

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Every pet parent would know, unless you’re lucky and your furbaby loves to brush his teeth! Dogs just don’t get the importance of pet dental care, and never will. But don’t let this stop you from caring for your dog’s teeth, because Bow and Wow’s got news for you – dog dental health chews, toys and whatnot can help provide extra care for your furbaby’s teeth.


Dental Goodies for Healthy Chompers


  1. Dental dog treats

Just say “treats!” out loud and 9.99% of the time we’re sure your furbaby will come running and give you his full attention. Some dogs love treats so much that when you extend your fist, they’ll behave almost immediately and maybe even perform tricks without you asking.

Dog dental treats are that much-coveted prize, which are typically given during training sessions or when you just want to show some love! They’re irresistibly tasty, making pet crave for more.

With the many options for treats and bites in the market, read the label and give only products made with high quality organic and all-natural ingredients to find the best choice for your furbaby. To help you out, Bow and Wow listed its top picks:



Greenies Dog Dental Treats are great puppy and dog dental chews because they make different types of treats at all stages, so there’s something for every furbaby! Its delightfully chewy texture fights plaque and tartar. It is made from natural ingredients that are highly soluble and easy to digest. This mouthwatering treat leaves your furbaby with clean teeth, fresh breath and of course, a healthy and happy dog.

To help keep a dog’s teeth clean, it's recommended to feed one Greenies Dental Chew per day. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

The second pick – Natural Nutri Dent! These dog dental health chews are easy to digest, freshens your dog’s breath and cleans teeth, and yet, very delicious for your furbaby.

For dogs up to 15 lbs, feed up to two small-size chews per day. Be sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water. Supervise the use of all edibles chews to ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.


  1. Dental toys

Who knew there was such thing as dental chew toys for puppies and dogs? Well, there is and they’re great at enhancing playtime! Not only do you exercise your furbaby, but you get to care for his oral health, too. Dental toys come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so take your pick!

Just like the Petstages Crunchcore, it comes in extra small, small, medium and large. The best part about dental toys for dogs and puppies like this is that is has a crunch sound that they love and is made with three durable layers to make sure it lasts your furbaby a long time.

Small dogs can have fun too! The Petstages dental chew pack is full of color, perfect for a puppy teething. What’s great about this is that is comes in 3’s and caters to different needs. The first is the pine cone, which can withstand tough chewing and massage gums. The second is the cool chew, which can be made either wet or cold – perfect for puppy teeth growing in as it provides soothing relief. The last but not the least is the dental rope. It removes soft tartar and massages the gums as your dog chews. With a 3-pack like this, you can play different games without ever having to force your dog.  


  1. Dog bones

Dog dental health bones are fun toys your furbaby can chew on to relieve his boredom, satisfy his urge to chew and even stimulate his mind. What he doesn’t know that chewing on dog bones also help his oral health by removing plaque and preventing the build up of tartar. So, say goodbye to bad breath, yellow teeth and other nasty dental diseases!

It’s not just any kind of bone, but one that was specially designed for dogs. Dog bones come in different sizes to cater to dogs of all ages and sizes. You can’t give a big dog a small bone or he might just choke on it, and vice versa. Choose your furbaby’s bone carefully to match the size, shape, hardness and flavor of the bone to your furbaby’s preference. This may be a trial and error process for some pet parents until they find the one their furbaby likes the most.


There are many options for dog bones, and ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones is one of the fan favorites at Bow and Wow. These bones are naturally made with sea kelp and help clean plaque and tartar. With a range of tasty flavors like turkey and cranberry, chicken and pumpkin, bacon and vegetable fusion flavor, we’re sure your furbaby will keep asking for more! 


Pet dental health can be challenging, but cleaning puppy and dog teeth entail both tooth brushing and providing extra support to lock in those pearly whites. Always aim to provide only the best for your puppy or dog’s teeth because with such great options like dental chew toys for puppies and dogsdog dental health bones and more, you have no excuse not to care for your furbaby’s teeth.