Hugging, cuddling and kissing your furbaby are probably the first things pet parents look for when they get home. But sometimes, this becomes difficult when dog shedding becomes too much. Dog shedding on furniture and on yourself are hard to manage, even when you have a special dog shedding comb to try and control dog shedding to one area. Some people are even allergic to pet hair, hindering them from ever owning a furbaby. Good thing, this isn’t the case when you’ve got dog breeds that don’t shed much. We’ve put together the top low shedding dog breeds that make it easier to deal with dog shedding.


Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed Much


This small, purebred has a lifespan of 15-18 years. That’s a long time for furbabies! Although its exact origin is unknown, what we do know is that they’ve been known as Roman Ladies’ Dogs used to catch rodents during those ancient and medieval times. Nowadays, pet parents would hate to see their cute furbaby get all dirty catching rodents.


Source: @chirothemaltese

Maltese dog shedding? Not to worry because they are hypoallergenic, with very minimal shedding. So, they’re perfect if you don’t like dog shedding on furniture, rugs and others.

These small dogs are a good match for people who live a more active lifestyle. They’re sprightly, docile, gentle, intelligent, loving, responsive and sweet-tempered. However, they’re a bit difficult to train and they bark a lot.

Blessed as such a beautiful purebred, this breed requires regular weekly grooming to maintain their good looks.



One of the most popular dog breeds that don't shed much! This breed of furbabies live for about 12-15 years and come in three different sizes: toy, miniature and standard. Poodles also come in different color: apricot, fawn, black, blue, brown, cream and white. All three sizes in any color are super-duper cute!


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Besides the fact that they’re hypoallergenic and do not shed much, the best part is that they’re odorless! This makes it a lot more fun to hug, cuddle and kiss a poodle! But to keep their gorgeous looks, pet parents to poodles must remember that they’re high maintenance, requiring regular brushing and bathing. Complying makes it easier to control dog shedding!

It seems the poodles have it all because they’re also very easy to train and are loyal to their pet parents. Their qualities of being energetic, affectionate, instinctual, and intelligent are extras to make them more loveable.

Maintaining their health is important too! They are known for commonly dying due to cancer, old age, GDV and cardiac diseases. That’s why use up all that energy and channel into regular exercise to keep poodles happy and healthy.


Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise are often mistaken as white poodles, but this breed is definitely a breed of its own! They are small, fluffy, purebred pups that live for about 12-15 years old. They were first used as companions of sailors due to their love of water. Isn’t that adorable?


Source: @favoritethebichon

This breed comes in white and other shades of white, require high maintenance for growing. But who would want a dirty pup anyway?

What’s ironic - they are hypoallergic, but are also allergic to chemical, fleas, pollen, dust and many more. They are also prone to skin conditions due to scratching and chewing. Control dog shedding but also take care of your furbaby’s skin health.

Bichon Frise are moderately easy to train and require exercise. They’re also very affectionate, cheerful, gentle, playful, intelligent, sensitive and also, very feisty.


Shih Tzu

Another popular breed! Its name comes from the word lion dog in Chinese, and were bred to resemble lions as depicted in ancient Oriental art.

This purebred lives for as long as 10-16 years old. Their gentle and loyal disposition makes them very easy to love. They come in black, blue, brindle, and gold among others.


Source: @missmuffinski

To maintain their looks, they require high maintenance for grooming because their hair gets tangled quite easily. They’re hypoallergenic and will shed, but not too much, making you worry less about dog shedding.

They frequently bark, but they’re friendly with other pets and strangers. Sadly, they’re not so good with kids. If they grow up around kids, things might just be different.

Shih Tzus require minimal exercise but are still very active. They’re moderately easy to train and are known to be happy, lively, outgoing and playful. So, know what tricks you want to teach because they’ll be excited to show off.


Yorkshire Terrier

Spunky and adventurous best describe Yorkshire terriers. Do not be deceived by their size because they are known to be very willful. This maybe the cause because they were originally bred in a bigger size and to hunt rodents.


Source: @judgejudylim


Now, there is no way furbabies like this will be caught catching rodents. Although it is one of the top low shedding dog breed that’s hypoallergenic and has a light coat, Yorkshire terries still require regular grooming.

These small furbabies are alert, courageous, energetic, independent, intelligent, playful and loyal. However, they’re not so good with kids and are shy towards other pets, but they make a perfect companion if you want a pet that’s loyal and devoted.



To control dog shedding, simply choose one of the top low shedding dog breed. It can be problematic when you have guests at home or dressed to go out and you can’t control dog shedding. These adorable breeds are wonderful companions who make it easy dealing with dog shedding because they’re hypoallergenic, shedding very little hair. Dog shedding doesn’t have to be all that bad!