How do you encourage playtime and exercise and use your furbay’s cat toys when he’s always so sleepy? When you see cats sound asleep, it makes you wish you could trade places even just for a little while! It’s hard not to feel envious when they’re comfily curled up. And as much as you want to wake them up – it’s almost impossible. But with the amount of sleep they get, it’s no surprise that they also have bursts of energy.

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These bursts of energy is your chance to swoop in and put your knowledge of games to play with cats at home to good use. Take advantage and get them to play and exercise – hunting, pouncing, jumping, exploring and more. All furbabies need playtime and exercise (there are no exemptions!) to maintain and stimulate his mental and physical fitness, which can be extremely difficult for indoor cats. You have the option to pick out cat feather wands, the best laser pointer for cats and more using a variety of cat toys. Without playtime and exercise, your furbaby might become obese and develop undesired behavior.


So, how do you encourage exercise in your furbaby, especially when he’s always sleepy? It’s simple – give your furbaby something to look forward to when playing and exercising. Here are simple tips and tricks to help you!


Solo Play and Exercise


Time constraints make it difficult for you to schedule playtime with your furbaby, but there’s absolutely no excuse for your furbaby not to have any exercise or playtime at all. Invest in toys that encourage solo play while you’re not at home!


Note: This doesn’t mean you don’t need to play with your furbaby! This is just a supplement for interactive play and never a replacement. Make time for playtime and exercise!

 1. Use Simple Toys

Pet parents are not always home or do not always have the time to play with their furbaby, but the use of simple cat toys is a great solution! Simple toys such as balls, stuffed toys, strings and pretty much anything he can paw, pounce, swipe and carry, can encourage solo play. So, he can have the option to play string games on his own and more even when you’re not around.

 2. Get a Cat Condo

Cat condos are a must-have for every cat! Put those hunting skills to good use and get your furbaby a multi-level cat tree, where he can jump, climb and sharpen his claws. It’ll make every obstacle more enjoyable!

 3. Create Play Spaces

Use your creativity when making your furbaby his own mini jungle gym to bring out the hunter in your furbaby. He’ll enjoy using the catnip pouch, crinkle sound and peek-a-boo windows for games like hide-and-seek!  Your furbaby will surely love to play in this!

Kong Play Spaces Haven


Interactive Play and Exercise

This definitely takes two – you and your furbaby - to do! Choose a good space, where there isn’t any valuable or delicate items around as things could get messy very easily. The space should be enough for your furbaby to run around, jump, pounce, hide, climb and more!


Interactive play is most beneficial for your furbaby’s mental and physical health! Choose thebest interactive cat toys for your furbaby. Schedule this time of play for at least 15 minutes every morning and night but try to play for as long as you can. It’s a great bonding experience with your furbaby!


Use a Teaser Wand

Teaser wands are great for interactive play! If you don’t know what teaser wands are, it’s basically a string that is attached to a stick on one side and a feather or small toy on the other side; aka your furbaby’s newest prey. You can use your cat wand with feathers to swish the feather or toy from one area to the other, very easily, teasing your furbaby and making him want to catch it so badly!


Spice up this type of play – swish the teaser wand from one side to the other or suddenly pull the toy away when he’s about to pounce. But don’t take it too far! Let him catch it once in a while because cats get easily pissed when they lose. Cats have feelings too!


Spot Wand Cats


Using a teaser wand like this spot wand cats brings out your furbaby’s hunting instincts. He’ll hide and pounce out of nowhere to try and get a hold of that feather or toy at the end as if he’s going to kill it.


  1. Point a laser

This may sound ridiculous, but cats love it, so bring out your best laser pointer for cats! Choose a wide-open space where your furbaby has the freedom to jump and pounce. You have the power to vary the speed of the laser depending on your furbaby’s need and bring out his hunting instincts as if he’s back in the wilderness with his ancestors. 

He may feel unresolved or stressed if he doesn’t actually catch anything, so feel free to throw a ball or anything where the laser is pointed!



Every pet parent should put in the time and effort to making playtime and exercise fun and enjoyable, so that your cat looks forward to it every time – no matter how sleepy he is! Use your favorite cat toys for indoor cats like a cat feather wand or the best laser pointer for cats. There’s nothing like putting the games to play with cats at home to good use. If given the time and effort, you’ll happily find your furbaby healthier, happier and more content.