Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Your Petssource: @mightythegoldenretriever

This Christmas, don’t furr-get your pets! The holidays are one of the best times to celebrate with your loved ones, including your furbabies. They are part of the family, and it would be extra fun to involve them in Christmas traditions and celebrations to ensure they have a memorable holiday as well. To help you plan and think of things to do, here are ideas to treat them and make this joyous occasion feel more special.

Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Your Pets

  1. Give your pets extra play time.

With all the hustle and bustle of planning, shopping, and everything else the season entails, nothing spells love like TIME, and it's important, especially when time is the one thing we feel short on. What to do with pets this Christmas season? A great way to bond with them and show them you care is by giving extra play time.

Like their hoomans, pets also need physical and mental stimulation. Keeping them occupied with toys, engaging them with puzzles, and playing hide-and-seek, fetch, or frisbee can help make them stay happy and out of mischief.

  1. Dress them up in holiday outfits.

There’s a lot of adorable outfits you can put on your furbabies to get them in the holiday mood. Pets love all of the attention they get from guests while looking so cute in Christmas-themed coats, sweaters and hoodies.

A Santa hat on your furbaby can complete a mini Santa Paws look. Donning Santa’s Christmas Coat from Puppia and Pinkaholic with a glittery collar around his neck would also make a fashionable holiday get-up. The hooded-coat style with Polar fleece and button closure is easy to wear.

 Furry Fashionista - Product 5 Puppia Santa Coat

For a more unique yet simple outfit, get your furry pal ready for the holidays with Life is Pawsome Santa and Elf Bandanas. This cute pet accessory can be attached to any collar and comes with two festive designs in one. Whatever accessory or outfit you come up with, just make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable.

Life is Pawsome bandanas

  1. Prepare a “royal feast.”

Delicious food during the holidays isn’t only for hoomans! Pets might feel a little left out while the family sits down for Christmas dinner, so don't forget to share the happy spirit with your furry companions. They deserve to be treated well with a full bowl of yummy and healthy food. Prepare a sumptuous feast, serve them a great meal (not table scraps), and make sure you don’t feed them anything they shouldn’t be eating. Refer to this post to know the top human foods that can poison pets.

For a wholesome and nourishing dinner, choosing all-natural food for your pets is your best bet. Inspired by a holiday stew, Merrick Venison Holiday Stew features real venison as the first ingredient for a good, single source of protein, making it great for sensitive tummies. Also all nice with nothing naughty, Merrick Seasonal Grain-Free Christmas Day Dinner contains real de-boned chicken in a savory broth, along with de-boned duck, fresh sweet potatoes and peas. This grain-free recipe is easy to digest and ideal for the dog with allergies or other food sensitivities.

Merrick holiday items

  1. Give awesome gifts, open presents together, and expect cuddles in response!

Just because pets don’t create their own gift list doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of things they want. So get a stocking or wrap up a few presents and place them under the Christmas tree! Opening gifts with pets could be a fun family activity (especially for the kids), and your pets’ purging of the stocking’s contents will be sure to delight.

Gift ideas for pets could be interactive toys, a fluffy warm blanket, treats, snacks, or even a new mattress. To show love and make them feel even more special, you can splurge on something big that your pet needs, like a new kennel or a comfortable bed for pets to welcome the New Year in.

  1. Take a road trip and visit a new city.

If you haven’t taken a vacation with your furbaby, now is a good chance to give it some thought. Part of holiday fun is traveling and going out for an adventure. Backpacking with pets and taking them somewhere new can be pretty exciting.

You can experience new things together especially nowadays when many parks, hotels, restaurants, malls, and shops already accept and welcome pets. And wherever you go, don’t forget to bring a camera. Exploring a variety of places with your furbabies gives a great opportunity to collect photographs that will help you remember the holiday season. Go ahead and roll with those photo bombs! Perhaps this can become a yearly tradition.

  1. Walk your pet outdoors and join events.

There’s a wealth of outdoor activities, from parades to outdoor markets to tree lighting ceremonies, during the holidays. Put your pet on a leash or a harness and take him to these events and it will surely help warm up the experience for the both of you.

If you prefer some place closer to home, check out nearby neighborhoods that have decors and brilliant lighting. It would be fun to watch these wondrous displays while walking your furbaby.

  1. Keep them relaxed.

After a busy and tiring day, you and your furbaby could both benefit from some relaxing downtime together. A nice therapeutic pet massage can alleviate stress, relax muscles, and lower blood pressure. This can also keep him calm and relaxed throughout all the noise, fireworks, and firecrackers during the holidays.

Your furbabies would absolutely love to receive presents this holiday season, but they would also appreciate some festive pampering and bonding time with you. As they pick up on the excitement and whirlwind of activities that accompany the season itself, pets would be happy to get involved in everything that their families do. These holiday activities are just some of the ways to help them get into the Christmas spirit. Whatever you decide to do with them, make sure that they have a wonderful time of it as well.