For everyone that has the privilege of being loved by a pet, you know that your pet only has eyes for you. Their gaze will follow you wherever you go, whether they are adoring you from afar, or stuck beside you like a shadow. Those big, round, expressive eyes see you with unconditional love and devotion, and it’s important to include a daily eye check as part of their regular grooming routine to keep them bright and healthy.  


Most pets are born with healthy eyes, but they also develop eye issues due to genetics, aging, or as a result from eye injury or infection.  


Some genetic conditions like progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and glaucoma can affect even younger dogs and cats, leading to gradual loss of sight and eventual blindness. Aging pets can also develop cataracts and other types of progressive blindness. 


Here are some tips on keeping your pet’s eyes healthy, as well as to avoid and spot pet eye problems early on