What’s a holiday without your furbaby? Have a safe and merry Christmas with pets this year by surrounding yourself with the perfect products to show your pet you love him. All-natural and tasty food are safe bets. You can also try adding extra special things like interactive toys for your pets to enjoy! Pet shops online and other pet stores around the Philippines must be a haven of goodies.

 holiday pets

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Remember to keep pets safe during Christmas

Christmas is a time where you celebrate and spend time with the people you love. But take note of pet safety tips for the holidays that help keep furbabies happy and healthy. If you are travelling with your pet, make sure to pack all the essentials. They will feel that holiday spirit and your holiday glow, making them just as happy and excited as you are.


Make a special healthy holiday treat for your pet

If you make your own yummy treats during the holidays, your furbaby should, too. You’re probably used to feeding your furbaby ready-made canned or packed cat or dog food brands, it might be worth yours and your furbaby’s while to whip up a healthy holiday treat for your furbaby. You’ll never know, you might discover a new holistic cat or dog food recipe you can share with other pet parents.


Go on an adventure

Healthy holiday treats aren’t just food. These can be wonderful, shared experiences at home or outdoors. Think of new games, exercises or activities you can do with your furbaby to further enrich your bonding experience. If you don’t usually go to the park together, now is the perfect time. Together, you can be purely in each other’s company. 


Freshen up and pamper your pets

It’s also about the looks this Christmas! There’s no excuse for your furbaby to look like a mess this holiday season. Pet care in Manila is readily available and easily accessible to help meet your needs; may it be a haircut, a new hair style or just grooming, just do it! Your furbaby should look dashing in the many photos you, your family and friends will take during the holidays.


Dress them up in holiday outfits

Pet shops in the Philippines offer a selection of holiday outfits. Dressing up your furbaby is both fun and functional, but don’t ever force them onto your furbaby if he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Give him proper training and treats to positively reinforce and hopefully, speed up his cooperation. 


You can dress your furbaby up in a cute outfit that will sweep everyone off their feet, and even more with cute holiday themed outfits like a reindeer, an self, Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus, a snowman or a Christmas tree. Choose from Christmas colors like red, green, gold or silver to make his look extra festive.


Include them in Christmas pictorials

Your Christmas pictorial will just be like any ordinary pictorial if your furbaby isn’t in it. Don’t be boring and definitely, don’t leave the best part of the pictorial out – your furbaby. Get him the pampered from the best pet care in Manila so he’ll look extra dapper in the photo! Have him stay alongside you or carry him so you can snuggle together.


Sometimes pets have difficulty focusing, making it extra difficult for you to get a good snapshot. For cats, use small toys or catnip to get your furbaby calm. For dogs, have small toys he can play with in place. And treats are always useful for both cats and dogs!


Surprise them with gifts

Do you have the perfect gift idea? When you go Christmas shopping, don’t forget to pick up a gift for your furbaby too! Even he deserves a gift for being good (and extremely cute) all year round. Choose from a wide selection of cat and dog food brands, as well as treats your furbaby loves, cat or dog toys, pet beds or source for the best pet care in manila for a pampering session!


For a more specific selection, your dog might enjoy an exercise pen, where he can play around; agility kits for some interactive fun; or a life jacket for when you take him to the beach! If you have a cat, he’ll definitely enjoy catnip or a new feather wand. These gifts are ideas are a fun and an interactive way of being able to bond with your furbaby!


The Christmas season is one of the best times to have a safe and merry Christmas with pets. By chiming in the holiday spirit with the delicious all-natural cat and dog food brands, toys and activities, while making sure that they’re safe, can really bring together a true Christmas miracle for you and your pet.