How to Travel With a Pet

Readying your pet for a pawesome tail of adventure? Every destination is so much more enjoyable with a furry companion. So, we’ve got some tips for pet parents who want to travel with their furbabies. Granted that your pet is already well acquainted with car rides, here’s what you can do to ensure a smooth journey.

  1. Proper travel kennel

For safety purposes, a travel kennel is needed to put your pet in. Think of it as their own car seat. A travel kennel should be light and easy to carry, with proper ventilation or holes that allow your furbaby to see what’s going on outside, but also making them feel secure from unfamiliar settings. You will also need to position the kennel in a way that allows you to see your furbaby. The travel kennel should only be slightly bigger than them, preferably with a cushioned lining. Bigger is not better for a travel kennel. In case of any sudden stops and movement, you’ll want only a small amount of space in case your pet gets rocked around. Smaller spaces means less impact, and also make it easier for your pets to brace and steady themselves.



  1. Exercise and Potty Time

As close to the travel time as you can, make sure that your furbaby is well exercised and has gone to the bathroom. This makes them more comfortable and less restless during a car ride in a small space.


  1. Positive energy

When placing your furbaby in their travel kennel, act enthusiastic. Reinforce that placing them in this space is not a form of punishment. When you have made your journey, do not pull your furbaby out of the kennel, instead, leave the door open and let them come out as they please. This will further help your furbaby understand that their kennel is a safe place, and it is for them to go in and out as they please.

  1. Familiar Item

While you’re busy driving, your furbaby will need something to occupy themselves. Place in their kennel their favorite toy or a familiar item from home to keep them comfortable and occupied.


  1. Travel Treats

Bathroom breaks may not be possible for some journeys, so it’s best to feed your pet half of what they usually would eat at home, and then packing long lasting chew treats for the trip. If a pet is fully fed, they are likely to feel more nauseated during the car. A long lasting chew treat allows them to stay occupied and satiated while on the road.