Seeing an obese old dog or cat will easily take you back to a time when you’d watch cartoons and laugh endlessly because of how silly and yet, loveable they are! But how good is this in real life? If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do to your pets in real life it’s to make them fat, especially too fat, that they’re unhealthy and can no longer function as well as they used to.  So, how can pet obesity be fixed? Is there any way to even fix this? The answer – most definitely! It’s better late than never.


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Here are 4 pet obesity remedies you can try:


  1. Consult Your Veterinarian

If there’s one person you can depend on to answer your question: “how can pet obesity be fixed” – he’s your veterinarian. When you decide to put your furbaby on a diet, the first thing you should do is consult your veterinarian with regards to optimal weight, the right foods to feed, portion and frequency and time for feeding. Let your veterinarian know all your concerns to ensure that all your furbaby’s health needs are met even when on a diet.

For all you know, your furbaby might not be as obese as you think. But if he is, start working on a weight loss program with your veterinarian ASAP.


  1. Put Your Pet on a Diet

Putting your pet on a diet can be tricky and very challenging. Looking for the best dog or cat food to lose weight may be more difficult if your furbaby is particular on the taste.

Choose foods that are formulated for overweight pets and contains the nutritional needs required by your furbaby. Some pet parents can opt for foods like Natural Balance Fat Dogs and Fat Cats, flavorful yet, very helpful in aiding weight loss. It has fewer calories and higher protein and fiber – to support a healthy weight and make your furbaby feel full. This way, he’ll beg (less) and lose weight at the same time. It’s a win-win!



Natural Balance Fat Cats and Fat Dogs

Diets don’t work that easily and immediately. Be patient and observe your furbaby and his behavior. If you suspect any major changes as a result of your furbaby’s diet, call your veterinarian immediately.


  1. Feed Treats in Moderation

One of the effects of dogs and cats being overweight is that you will need to lessen or stop feeding your furbaby those delicious treats!

Treats are always the less obvious culprit! Treats are fun and seem completely harmless, right? However, treats are meant to be given in moderation or only when needed, but some pet parents can’t help but to keep giving and giving treats to their furbaby for simply being cute. There’s nothing you can do to make them less cute, so work on your self-control or find another way to complement your pet for his cuteness. After all, he deserves 110% of your love, and this means you must keep him healthy and happy at the same time!

Prevention of obesity in animals includes giving less treats, saving treats for special occasions and training to feed your furbaby only low calorie treats that should be given in moderation. Try Zuke’s Mini Naturals, made from protein-rich meat, wholefood berries and savory herbs, these treats are perfect for pet training.


Zuke’s Mini Naturals

You also Cloud Star Tricky Trainers as another option. These are grain-free and flavored treats that your furbaby will enjoy. And guess what – it’s only 3 kcal per treat!


Cloud Star Tricky Trainers

Knowing how to put your dog or cat on a diet involves saving treats for training and moments when your furbaby truly deserves it, making it more special. Your furbaby will make sure to be very very good when he spots that treat in your hand.


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  1. Keep Pets Active

Other than food, how can pet obesity be fixed? Exercise is the key to prevention of obesity in animals. Cats and dogs alike need exercise in order to be healthy, but don’t engage your obese furbaby just because he needs it. One of the effects of a dog or cat being overweightis that his legs may not be able to handle his current weight, and result in weakened bones and joints or worse, suffer from diseases like arthritis.

Obese pets tend to have trouble moving (walking and running) like they used to. They are slower than average-sized pets because their weight slows them down.



Prevention of obesity in animals is the best thing you could do for your adorable furbaby. Instead of suffering the effects of a dog or cat being overweight, feed your furbaby the right types and amount of food and regularly exercise him every day for at least 5 minutes in the morning and at night.