Healthiest dog treats reviews

Healthy treats for dogs are must-haves for every pet parent. Dogs love to be rewarded for accomplishing certain tricks (like sitting, standing, rolling around, and more) and of course, they love, love, love food! Mixing training and treats are a positive combination for dogs. They stay well-behaved, so they get something in return – food to be specific. They start to do tricks and remains well-behaved as soon as they hear that bag of treats shake!

I’m Camille, a Pet Care Advisor at Bow and Wow, the only all-natural and organic pet store in the Philippines. Today, I would like to share my journey in finding treats my furbaby, Bailey loves.

If for most pet parents, their furbaby eats anything and everything, it’s definitely different for me. Bailey is a Golden Retriever who is very picky with kibbles and treats (but he’ll eat his toys!). On most occasions, my furbaby will care about what’s in his bowl and most probably, won’t eat it. Those puppy eyes are so hard to resist. It makes me cave and feel compelled to give whatever food it is I’m holding, regardless if it’s really for him or not just so that he’ll eat something. That’s why, this month, I chose to feature one of his favorites and the product that answered my prayers – Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats

List of safe dog treats

I’ve been a furmom for almost a year and in all honesty, I was losing hope in finding food that my furbaby will love. But being a Pet Care Advisor at Bow and Wow helped me and my fellow Pet Care Advisors have become part of my extended family, who never gave up until I found the solution to my problem. They continue to suggest foods and treats that my furbaby might like. 

As recommended by one of my fellow Pet Care Advisors, I tried Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried treats. It’s raw food that’s free from any gluten and grains, which help reduce the chances of obesity and allergies in your furbaby. The best part is that it’s packed with protein and a big dog like my Bailey needs this! Upon learning all this, I just went for it and it turned out to be a very beneficial risk for me.

I’m happy that that I’ve found Bailey treats that she finally eats, and they’re healthy for her, too. It makes me worry less about her health, especially her appetite. She now wants to play tricks and games with me whenever I bring out my Vital Essential Freeze-Dried treats.

All the ingredients of Vital Essential products are sourced from America’s Heartland. They are USDA Certified and do not contain added hormones, fillers, synthetic vitamins, and by-products. Unexpectedly, my dog enjoyed it. Bailey, who has to smell everything for about 3 minutes before eating something, snagged it as quickly as possible. I was taken aback as I didn’t see that coming!

If your furry ones never had the chance to experience this paw-some freeze-dried treats from Vital Essentials, I highly recommend that you try them! It’s also available in Duck Nibs, Beef Nibs, Beef Tripe, Salmon Rings, Chicken Hearts, and Bully Sticks. I promise, they will go insane over these! Besides, dogs don’t lie. If they like it, you’ll know!


With all the treat options in the market, everyone will tell you that every product or item is at least one of the best treats for dogs out there, and you easily fall for it because the sales representatives said so.  But always remember – stop and ask yourself: “Are these treats even safe?” and “Are these healthy treats for dogs – for my dog?”.

As a pet parent, it’s easy to be deceived by packaging. They’re all so attractive, and even more alluring when you see an adorable dog on the packaging. Most importantly, they seem completely harmless too! But this is wrong. Every pet parent needs to learn how to read the ingredient list and how to properly match these to the health needs of their pet. 

My advice: doesn’t mean that if the treats are healthy you can just give it all. Know how many treats to give a dog per day and adjust this based on his health profile and diet. Feed it at the right time and for the right reasons.

Being a Pet Parent and a Pet Care Advisor at the same time has taught me a lot about my furbaby. He loves to beg and eat anything and everything, but this can’t be. I have to remain firm in only giving the best like Vital Essentials that carry only the best treats for dogs and to be strong and not fall for those puppy eyes that stare at me. Providing healthy treats for dogscan come a long way in helping him live a richer, happier and more fulfilling life.

My pet parenting journey has just begun and I’m excited to discover more food and treats that Bailey will end up loving. I encourage you to share your own success stories with us to help other furbabies and pet parents, too! At Bow and Wow, we’ve got a wide selection of food, treats, toys and more. Feel free to drop by and see the things your furbaby will definitely fall in love with. That’s it for now. Until next time!