An upset stomach in pets can be caused by a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is the food they eat that triggered allergies or intolerances and the like. In other cases, an upset stomach can be caused by the ingestion of foreign objects. Regardless of the reason, what’s important now is to know how to relieve your poor furbaby from the pain and avoid it from getting worse. In order to get your pet’s digestive health back on track, get the following quick fixes:  

 Quick Fixes for a pet's Upset Stomach

Source: @lunaaathefluffy

  1. Food

It’s hard to feed your furbaby especially when his stomach isn’t feeling good! So, don’t serve regular or big portions of food. Instead, provide food in small quantities until he is ready to eat regularly again. Closely observe, monitor and your furbaby’s progress to ensure that he is getting better.  

Choose foods that contain all-natural ingredients and provide pet digestive health support to speed up the healing period. Good digestive support should contain easy to digest ingredients that have fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Look out for those 3 main things in your pet food to help compensate for the losses from diarrhea and vomiting. All-natural pet food brands like Natural Balance has a whole body health product line that includes pet digestive health support.

Pet parents can use the slow feeder bowl to ensure that their furbabies don’t attack the food immediately.


  1. Hydration

Remember: hydrate at all times! Always have a bowl of fresh water ready for your furbaby in case he’s ready to drink some water. Place his water bowl or dispenser near his rest areas where he has easy access.


  1. Food and Treats with Pumpkin and Ginger

Your furbaby will definitely cheer up when he sees a treat, but when he has a sensitive or an upset stomach, it’s important that you choose the right one. All-natural pet food brands such as Cloud Star’s Dynamo Dog treats comes in soft chews you can give for daily support of the digestive health. Your furbaby will surely love the pumpkin and ginger formula!


  1. Probiotics

Pets also need probiotics also known as good bacteria for a healthy gut. Health benefits of probiotics for pets includes helping balance the bacteria in the GI tract, improve digestion and best of all, inhibits the growth and activity of bad bacteria. Choose the best complete probiotics for pets if your furbaby has an upset stomach.

Take note: this should be given in controlled doses. NaturVet carries products with probiotics and enzymes, which are great for pets with digestive issues to support and balance the total GI environment.


  1. TLC

It’s not only the food and medicine that you need. Knowing how to care for your sick pets also means showing him some tender loving care. Provide a clean and comfortable area where your furbaby can rest during this time. It is recommended that pet parents eliminate potential environmental stressors as this might aggravate and hinder your furbaby from feeling better. This can include a pet bed where there is good air flow and just the right amount of sunlight.


  1. Emergency Contact Numbers

Place your number, your veterinarian’s and the closest medical facility for pets’ number where it can be easily seen in case of an emergency. Keep in mind that you should always consult a veterinarian regarding any changes to your furbaby’s diet and medication. Don’t hesitate to bring your doctor to a healthcare facility or his veterinarian, especially if he is already vomiting.



Pet digestive health is definitely something that should be taken seriously. Knowing how to take care of sick pets means that even a simple upset stomach should be treated and cared for immediately. Don’t forget to shower your furbaby with even more love than usual to make him smile and feel better right away!