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Safe Summertime Fun: Keeping Your Pets Safe This Summer

We can’t deny that the weather has become a lot warmer and it’s tempting to just lie around all day and not move an inch. However, you and your pet still need to exercise! Read our article on the 5 Summertime Activities You Can Do with Your Pet to make exercising extra fun and exciting. Keep in mind that as the temperature rises, it’s important to keep them healthy and safe by taking these extra precautions:


1. Consider your pet’s breed and activity level

Some breeds that have flattened heads and shortened muzzles find it harder to breathe in this warm weather, making them more prone to heatstroke during prolonged or strenuous activities. Plan out your activity based on what your pet can handle.


2. Apply sunscreen

Pets can be sunburned just like humans! Make sure to always apply sunscreen before going outdoors, especially for pets with light colored fur.


3. Exercise early in the morning or in the evening

The sun is at its peak between 10am and 2pm so it’s best to exercise early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler.


4. Give them lots of water

Without water, your pet’s body will shut down. While your pet sweats through his paw pads, it’s important to have access to cool, fresh water at all times to replace what he’s sweating out.


5. Don’t overdo it

It’s essential to keep exercise sessions short and sweet to prevent your pet from overheating. Give them the right mix of break and play sessions to keep them safe and comfortable.


Exercise may be important, but your pet’s health and safety should still be your main concern. Follow these tips and you and your pet will enjoy the summer with no problem!



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