The holidays, known for bright lights, gift giving and scrumptious feasts, is also the most wonderful time for your furbaby. Now is the time you won’t be judged for visiting as many pet shops in the Philippines to buy his favorite cat or dog toys and cat or dog bed. But that’s not all you should remember!

If you do not take holiday pet safety tips seriously, there can be serious repercussions. Just when you thought there were many common household pet dangers to avoid, now there are even more items and foods to watch out for. Add these holiday health hazards pets must avoid to your list:

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Top 5 Holiday Pet Hazards to Avoid

  1. Food and drinks

Feasts are anywhere and everywhere during the holidays, but cat and dog toys won’t be the apple of your furbaby’s eyes! Human foods and drinks call out “eat me!” to your pet, who is probably not hungry, but will eat anyway as if he hasn’t been fed in days. Keep food and drinks out of reach and if you’re having your party at home, ask your guests to do the same.

Common human foods to watch out for: chocolate, caffeine, leftover bones and fat trimmings, grapes or raisins, onions, garlic, xylitol and dairy products among many others. These could potentially harm and poison your furbaby. So, if he eats any of these, it’s best to observe and bring him to your trusted veterinarian.


  1. Cables from Christmas lights

The brightest time of the year is definitely the Christmas season. Christmas lights fill the streets and our homes too. So, if you love having Christmas lights in your home, whether it’s inside or outside, keep them out of your furbaby’s reach. He will try to tug and bite these, possibly entangling him in the lights, causing the destruction of the lights or even worse, lead to a fire.


  1. Decorative items

Every home owner loves to collect things here and there and display them around the house. However, it can be quite difficult to maintain a good watch on all these items. You’ll be surprised of how quickly your pet will swap his cat or dog toys for your lovely decors.

Decorative items around the house should be kept at a minimum and be stored in a safe and secure area. Other pet dangers to avoid are the cables from Christmas lights, candles, and fragile decors.

Gift wrapping is also popular during the holidays. Tinsels, ribbons and strings lay around your work area and most probably all around your house, too. These catch your furbaby’s attention, automatically signaling playtime even without you there. They’ll pull, chew and bite these until they’re fully satisfied. Sadly, these can be choking hazards, so be sure you keep them out of sight.  


  1. The Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree at home is most likely filled with many lights and colorful ornaments screaming for your furbaby’s name, making Christmas trees one of the major holiday health hazards pets must avoid.

Let your furbaby know that the Christmas tree is off limits. Else, the Christmas tree will most likely be his new playground. Play it extra safe by opting for shatterproof ornaments and secure your tree to keep it from falling out of place.


  1. Crowded spaces

It’s either you have family and friends over during the holiday season, or you make an effort to visit their home. Regardless of location, you never want to leave your furbaby. If you’re hosting a gathering, create a safe space or room for your pet where he can escape the commotion and rest. Set aside food, water, cat or dog toys, and a comfortable cat or dog bed to make sure he has everything he needs.

Even your furbaby needs a break occasionally!  Likewise, if the party is elsewhere, pack a back with the essentials your furbaby needs and find a quiet spot he knows he can return to anytime.



The list of holiday health hazards pets must avoid can go on and on depending on what you love to display during this season. It won’t hurt to play it safe and check off all the items on your must-have pet items you need at any pet shop in the Philippines. Merge this list with thecommon household pet dangers to avoid, to be sure that you and your furbaby have a happy and safe holiday season!

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