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Travelling with Pets

If you’re like us and can’t stand looking into your furbabies ‘where-are-you-going- without me?’ eyes, strap on their ID’s, pack a bag, and get them ready for a road trip!



For pet parents who are hesitant about travelling with their pet, here are a few solutions and ideas to bypass common ‘deal breakers’ when it comes to travelling with your pets.

Deal breaker: They can’t sit still in the car.



Solution: The trick to getting a playful pet to sit still in the car is to tire them out. Make sure they are well exercised the day before and prior to your trip to help expend any energy. Consider their size as well. Dogs and cats should be able to lie down comfortably in the car, especially for long trips.


Deal Breaker: They don’t like their crates, now I can’t carry them around.



Solution: No matter how fab a pet crate may be, some pets may not initially like it. To get around this, keep your energy positive and communicate clearly to your furbaby that their crate is their portable home, and not a cage.

Don’t introduce your pet to their crate right before a trip. Letting them see their crate regularly, with doors open will let them familiarize with it on their own time. Having the option to go in and out of it should help keep them comfortable when they’re placed in it for travelling. An added tip, place their favorite toy inside the crate for extra familiarity in the face of an unfamiliar place.


Deal Breaker: They’re not allowed where I want to go.



Solution: Do your research. Like anybody you’re travelling with, plan your itinerary for places that’s suitable and can meet everyone’s unique needs. Where pets are concerned, look for pet friendly malls, restaurants, parks, and hotels that are happy to have 4 legged guests. Bonus points that these places are outdoorsy and full of fellow pet lovers.

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