All pets LOVE treats and we pet parents love giving them treats because we become happy when we see that they’re happy. Here are some photos of adorable furbabies with their treats that might just convince you to buy treats for yours.


     1. “Uhm..can I eat them now? (photo by _aggieboo)


     2.“Are these all for me?!” (photo by chapchap_shihtzu)


     3. “New bag of Nature’s Bits!!!” (photo by czarinaquino)


     4.“I love eating Mr. Gingerbread Man!” (photo by drakehusky)


     5. “Give me the treats now, mommy.” (photo by itsmecarlad)


     6. “Soooo many treats for me!!!!” (photo by iammunroe)


     7. “This definitely makes me wag more and bark less!” (photo by jewel0131)


     8. "Can I be the next face of Greenies?” (photo by rjvanguardia)


     9. “Birthday bone for the birthday boy!” (photo by samanthainocando)


     10. “These are all mine!! I know my mommy loves me” (photo by lexieshihtzu)