Amidst the hustle and bustle of work or school and all the responsibilities on your plate, there’s you and your dog – fighting every challenge together against the world. Never be afraid to catch your breath because what you feel, your dog probably feels too. Your furbaby is sweet like that!

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One of the best things you can do is to get out and find fun things to do with your dog outside. Spend time with your furbaby to refresh your mind and remind you how beautiful life is, together. If you’re clueless about where to go, simple search “dog activities near me” and you’ll definitely find something. Here are places where you can take your dog for the day:

  1. The Park

When you want to get fresh air and clear your mind, the most serene place to go with your furbaby is the park. This is definitely classified as fun things to do with your dog outside! He’ll see all the birds and people strolling around the park!

First off, look for a park that’s dog-friendly. Dog-friendly parks will welcome you and your furbaby with open arms, along with the other pet parents and furbabies who want to sit back, relax and have fun.

If you want to go for a stroll, there are a few dog tips and tricks every pet parent must know. Like did you know that your pet should also have a dog tag on when stepping out? Yes, your furbaby’s collar and leash are not enough. He might get lost and whoever finds him will not know who to return your lost furbaby to.

You can also opt to go for a run with your furbaby if there’s a trail available in the park. Keeping your dog on a leash is highly recommended to ensure that he doesn’t stray away all of a sudden while you’re in the zone. This way, you and your furbaby get some good exercise. But make sure to check on your furbaby to know that he’s able to cope with your running speed. Some dog breeds get more tired than others.

But if you want to go out and just have fun, you can also play games with your pet. Doing this lets you kill two birds with one stone.

Regardless if other pet parents let their pets loose, always have a leash on-hand. If your pet is sociable, you can let him go near other pets and their pet parents. However, if he’s not sociable, it’s best to keep him on a leash and stay in a clear and safe area.

  1. The Mall

Pet-friendly malls are the new thing! If you live in the city, chances are there’s a pet-friendly mall at least 15-30 minutes near your house, school or office where you can take your furbaby for a leisurely walk and some shopping.

You can opt to bring your furbaby in a stroller or let him walk on a leash, but never on his own. Going to a pet-friendly mall doesn’t mean that everyone wants to be around dogs. Sadly, some people are afraid or allergic to dogs. In some cases, some people may approach your pet and do something that will make him angry. For example, a stranger comes up to your dog to pat him without letting him smell his hand. Your dog might react negatively or violently towards the stranger and cause a scene. And that’s the last thing you want!

Being able to bring your furbaby to the mall makes it a lot easier to run your errands and do the things you’ve been wanting to do, without worrying that your furbaby is home alone. Although he can’t shop on his own, being out and about will bring joy seeing new things with you.

  1. Pet-Friendly Restaurants

A lot of restaurants now have gone pet-friendly, too. Taking your dog to a restaurant means that you have to be well versed in dog restaurant etiquette so as not to disturb anyone else from enjoying their meal, but the best part about this is that - you now have your furbaby alongside you when you want to have dinner with your friends or your family.

Like going to the malls, you can opt to bring your furbaby in a stroller or on a leash. Never let him go off on his own, especially knowing that there’s so much food everywhere.

One thing to remember when taking your dog to a restaurant– don’t feed your furbaby food from the table. He’ll get used to this and will eventually beg whenever you’re on the table. It’s fun that one time, but the succeeding times will frustrate you. He might even climb on a chair and steal the food himself!

Also, be wary of any food that falls off from the tables. Your furbaby may be allergic to certain ingredients or may choke from large pieces or bones that were not intended for him anyway.

  1. Bow and Wow

There’s no place like Bow and Wow. It’s the first and only all-natural pet food store in the Philippines and so much more. The Pet Care Advisors in the store are fellow pet parents themselves, so they will be very happy to see you if you’re with your furbaby. In this store, your furbaby can play, while you find unique all-natural wet and dry foods, treats, beds and toys. Before your visit, make sure to read up on Bow and Wow’s Pet Policy. Your furbaby will definitely love this store!

Source: @adventuresofjohnandyoko


Things to Bring

A friendly reminder when taking your furbabies out – every pet parent should be a responsible one.

  1. Poop Bags

If your furbaby poops, make sure to clean it up. It’s as easy as bringing a small dispenser of poop bags to make sure you can pick it up.


Earth Rated Poop Bag and Dispenser


  1. Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Never let your furbaby leave the house without a collar and go off leash when you’re out of the house. Accidents can happen if you do not have control of your furbaby. If you’re worried about function and style, Petmate has got you covered!




Don’t feel limited to spending time with your furbaby at home. Find fun things to do with your dog outside and enjoy each other’s company. These four places will gladly welcome you and your furbaby with open arms so that you can bond and have fun, together, and even with other pet parents and their dogs. Feel free to make this a regular thing with your furbaby!